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Target Beneficiaries'

The beneficiaries of  is everyone who loves sport from all over the world, it does not matter which sport code, it doesn’t matter how old you are and it doesn’t matter what race you belong or fall-under , as long as you love sport you qualify to be a KASI SPORT SUPPORTER. The entire residence of informal settlement as we don’t want to see any informal settlement in the next 5 years. All young South African people (NB: more especially South African football players, former football players and SA musicians).  But most importantly all those who have quality spirit to succeed their goals. Schools, varsities, PSL teams, SA Rugby, Super Sport, SA cricket and all other Sport people including SAFA, SABC and FIFA are the potential stakeholders of KASI SPORT SUPPORTER.


Youth empowerment: we work with different service providers in a process of grooming young entrepreneurs for the 21st We organise events such as workshops as means of team and capacity building. We work with different stakeholders in youth skill development programmes. We believe that skills development is one of the fundamental tools towards youth empowerment.

Education : one of our objectives is to create extra mural activities after school that is why we have initiated programmes such as sport training sessions/activities for the schools that are affiliated to Kasi Sport Supporter like Bongolethu Primary School. We currently have three of our Kasi Sport Supporters coaches that visit Bongolethu Primary from Monday to Friday at 14:30 to 16:00 to accomplish our school support programme. Infrastructure development is what attract us the most to work with schools because  our primary goal is to build sport facilities for rural areas and our disadvantage townships and most schools do have infrastructure but just need to be developed or upgraded. For example; our first project is to upgrade the football sport ground of Bongolethu Primary school.

Disability Unity: we offer occupational and emotional support for people living with disability. Kasi Sport Supporter always encourage people who live with disabilities to be part of their capacity building events. Education about disability is very important not only for people living with disability but also for those who surrounds them such as friends, family or schoolmates. It is very important to us to see the young kids living with disability being part of the Kasi Sport Supporter after school programme. As the 4th Industrial revolution approaches the generation of 21st century, assertive devices for ( ) will be more than just relevant for our disable members.

Men and Women empowerment: The country is facing lot of socio-economic challenges because South Africans think the empowerment is only needed for women, the truth is that lot of young males also  lack empowerment. That is why Kasi Sport Supporter have both programmes for Man empowerment and women empowerment. We have Capacity building programmes, skills development programmes and entrepreneurship programmes that are aimed at empowering the men and women of Kasi Sport Supporters. Kasi Sport Supporters did not only came up with the idea of building sport facilities for rural areas and townships but also discovered the income generating programme that will assist them to build those facilities and generate income for its members. The compensation plan document of Kasi Sport Supporter is the great example of our income generating programme for young man and women of the African continent.

Change lives by giving back to the future champions of this world. Their dreams start today

Outcome in 2021

After completing the last level of compensation plan of KASI SPORT SUPPORTER, the vision of building sport facilities in townships and rural areas will be fulfilled. Socio-economic challenges such as crime, drugs and alcohol abuse will be minimized through mind-set programmes of network marketing. There will be no poverty in land of our forefathers. There will be no football players who become broke after life of football. This is the platform that will assist South African Sport departments in ensuring that SA sport women are supported in all angles of sport. All the sport facilities will be freely accessed by the members of Kasi Sport Supporter and the youth of surrounding areas of particular sport facility. The xenophobic attacks and women abuse in our land is the cause of poverty and once we get rid of poverty our people will live in peace for ever in Afrika. Camagu

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