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Our vision is to minimize the socio-economic
challenges such as crime, drugs and alcohol abuse through network marketing
mind set programmes, education and sport related activities. We want to kill
poverty in the land of our forefathers and berry it with its roots because
poverty is the root of all evil.

About us


According to our knowledge anything that involves a buyer and seller is a Business, Anything That Involves Capital and Profit is a Business, Therefore, it is in our attention to call this fundraising strategy a business as its operational planning is based on the methods of Network Marketing Business. 

Network marketing is a modernized culture of doing business for the twenty first century. It is one of the powerful system made to meet the standard business of our days. NMB is a business for those who want to give back to the community.

Is one of those network marketing business and it is newly formed in 2019 and most importantly it is a first Network Marketing business formed in Cape Town Township called Philippi. However Network Marketing is not new to our people because our people knows what is stokvel and they also know how to refer people to the stokvels they are involved with but never got paid for that. Our people always refer people to the businesses that have special sales on month ends but never got paid for that. Our people knows how to recruit and they have been doing recruitment for many years. For example: “my grandfather Mzwabantu Buqa recruited my grandmother uMamswazi to come and join the Duma family they had kids together , my father uMdeydi Buqa  did the same thing to my mother uMaDunjana bazala unyana onguSiyanda. I did the same thing in a process of recruiting MaNyawuza to be part of the family and I expect Kungawo my son to do the same in the name of family building”. Said Siyanda Buqa. Siya kaMthombeni explains family recruitment as generational recruitment because it’s continuous recruitment and Kasi Sport Supporter is very similar to that king of recruitment. Network Marketing revolve around three important aspects which are recruitment, referring and unity. MOON WOOD UNITED TEAM members set and discuss their vision to build more sport facilities in townships as means of eliminating crime, drugs and alcohol abused amongst young people. The team decided to come up with marketing and fundraising strategy to achieve their vision.  The KASI Sport Supporter was a new born strategy of Moon wood united team.  Like any other network marketing business  have its own unique compensation plan.

Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to educate and bring awareness to our communities about the new rules of the money.
  • Is to bring financial liberation to the poor communities through KASI Sport Supporter.
  • Is to bring all the stakeholders together in the process of restoring the spirit of Ubuntu in Africa.
  • Our mission is to enslave our people from depending on government and once off monthly salary.


Our product is our membership cards that will allow us to get discounts from different sport shops, hotels and comp ticket. With this membership card you will earn commission every time you refer a person to our business. Any cash-able incentives for our clients will be allocated to this membership card. One of our products is our offline and online mind-set programme that will assist lot of Africans to understand new rules of the money. One of the icons of our App will be for the updates of upcoming sport events.  Anyone from any team can be a member of KASI Sport Supporter ( . Our organisation offers services such as organising youth events such as tournaments, health walk, etc. as means of awareness campaign. Extra mural activities afterschool will be one of our prioritized programmes. We also have (  kitchen as part of our fundraising strategy, our kitchen specialise in different foods like wings, sausage rolls, different cold drinks etc.


As we grow up in different townships we realized that our communities does not get as much development as they supposed to, more specially the youth of those townships. As collected individuals we realized that some of the merge challenges of South African townships are poverty and lack of financial knowledge which leads to crime, teenage pregnancy, drugs and alcohol abuse. It came to our attention as well that lot of rural areas and black townships does not have enough sport facilities  and that is why lot of SA kids are all over the streets smoking drugs and robbing people. We also took a note that lot of people that loves sport are from poor background and they not getting anything from loving and supporting sport. We realized that there is a gap between our schools and sport and it’s not supposed to be like that. We have fully observed the brokenness of our former loved footballers which we believed the merge cause of that is lack of relevant financial knowledge.


  • Spirit of Ubuntu
  • We embrace unity and Trustworthiness in all we do
  • Open and transparency
  • We embrace love and piece for all Africans.
  • We value different cultures and traditions
  • We are open to all religions because we are rainbow nation,
  • We value respect in all aspect of life
  • We value problem solving more than creating a problem, that’s why we are proud to say we are Generation of problem solvers.
  • We value the state of our mind and respect each other’s opinion
  • Team work is our nickname


After a long talk we came up with a solution to work as collaborated team with all South African interested stakeholders to formulate a platform such as KASI SPORT SUPPORTER  to liberate all the lovers of the sport financially, and make what they like work for them. Siyanda Buqa one of the founders define Sport Supporter as a person who loves sport with his heart. It can be a player, it can be a coach, it can be a manager, it can be a fan, and it can be anyone. Kasi Sport Supporter    Is the solution towards poverty and lack of financial knowledge which leads to crime, teenage pregnancy, drugs and alcohol abuse. The solution is now to raise funds as Sport Supporters through Network Marketing business to build our own sport facilities in our own land. If we build sport facilities in every township of South Africa we will have less number of kids walking around during after school hours. The financial knowledge and mind-set programmes that will be offered by can lead to financial freedom of lot of sport participants and that may lead them to the environment of enjoying football and let money works for them.


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